Space Tango Sends First Bee To Space


No doubt you will have heard of the dog in space story, you might have even heard of SpaceX sending 20 mice to space in June 2018,  the 5 Russian Gecko’s in 2014 but what if I told that recently with the help of Dr Karen Goodell, Space Tango a space research company was able to send a living Bee to the international space station.

Dr Karen Goodell is a Professor at the department of evolution at OSU. She has around 20,000 bee’s at her research facility and has claimed to have received some strange requests in her time there due to her expert credentials. Space Tango may have been of the most strange phone calls she has ever received. They are a space research company with locations all across the United States. They specialise in performing experiments in a microgravity environment and are docked onto the international space station.

With assistance from Dr Goodell they were able to send a cocoon from her lab into international space lab. The cocoon successfully hatched and they were then able to study how to react in microgravity and more importantly how would potentially be able to handle pollination in outer space. That kind of information could turn out to be very valuable in the not so far future.

Dr Goodell didn’t seem to be to star struck by her outer space endeavours and claimed that Bee’s are still very much endangered and in decline, she still remains focused on this issues and stressed that without Bee’s we wouldn’t have a lot of our favorite and important foods. She is currently studying the effects pesticides on Bee’s and with the recent news on Glyphosate, this looks like a very important avenue to research. Hopefully, if we can get the bee decline situation under control that will be one of the first steps at improving life here on earth. Keep up the great work Dr Karen Goodell!

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