Michael Gove & Ben Bradley Funding to Save Bee’s


Michael Gove the environment secretary of the UK today announced that was going to be contributing £60,000 towards pollinator habitat mapping across the UK. It is said to be part of a “25 year environment plan” that looks to shape a better future through our environment. The plan was helped through strong campaign by Ben Bradley MP and looks to really make an impact on the future of our Bee’s.

The funding is going towards organisation’s currently working on Mapping and those involved include Buglife, The Wildlife Trust, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and other bodies. The announcement and funding has been welcomed by pretty much everyone with the main campaigner Ben Bradley stated that he was “pleased” and that the funding will help not only our bee’s but also other insect such as butterflies.

Is £60,000 enough?

Although the general consensus was that the funding was welcomed, there was an undertone that the organisations are going to need a lot more funding to make some real progress and more support with further bans on dangerous pesticides. The value of the UK’s pollinators to vital crops is said to be worth around a staggering half a billion British pounds. When you put that in to perspective from a business standpoint, £60,000 almost seems a little bit insulting. Craig Macadam director at buglife stated that it was a “great first step” and that “once mapping was completed more resource will clearly be needed to deliver the on-ground change that is needed”. Joan Edwards Director of public affairs at The  Wildlife Trust stated that the funding was a “welcome start”.

The good news however is that this is part of “The National Pollinator Strategy” which is 10 year plan to protect the pollinators in England and there looks to be more moment in parliament with the first environmental bill in 20 years set to be introduced later in the year.   Thanks to MP’s Ben Bradley it looks like changes are going ahead but the undertone clearly is that more funding will be needed and perhaps that it will to happen faster before it’s too late.

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