Honey Bee-Killing Asian Hornet Spotted In England


Have you ever heard of Asian hornets? Over the years, they’ve managed to strike fear into people far and wide. It is believed that the Asian hornet is capable of decimating native honey bee species. With that being said, consumers should be on alert for news linked to the Asian hornet. Just recently, horrible news came out of England. It was reported that the honey bee-killing Asian hornet was spotted in the country. That has sent people into a tailspin. So, what should you know about these bees? You’ll find out in the post below.

What Are They?

First and foremost, you should know a little more about the Asian hornet. It is known as the Vespa Velutina. It is an invasive species of bee, which is native to Asia. This specific type of bee is known to be a very useful predator. It is capable of tracking and killing all kinds of insects, including honey bees. It is believed that the hornet bee has been responsible for significant colony losses across the world.

Where Are They Coming From?

At this point, consumers should be aware of the fact that the origin of the Asian hornet is unknown. It is believed that they might be coming from China. Researchers and investigators suspect that the bees were transported to the European Union on a shipment of pottery from China in 2014. This is the most plausible explanation. However, it is vital to understand that the definite source of the problem has yet to be identified. According to most, the bee arrived in France in 2014. Since then, the bee species has spread rapidly. The first sighting in the United Kingdom was reported in 2016.

Sighting Confirmed

In the beginning, it was believed that the sighting might have been a fallacy. That is no longer the case. Now, it has been confirmed that the sighting was indeed legitimate. The sighting has been confirmed by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The agency admits that the hornet was spotted in the Fowey section of southern Cornwall. The department has revealed that it is working to identify nests and destroy them as quickly as possible.

Identifying The Nests

So, how is the agency working to locate and destroy the nests? Well, bee inspectors with the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s National Bee Unit will be put in charge of the process. They’re going to be surveying and monitoring an area of 1.3 miles from the initial sighting. Beekeepers in Ireland are also worried about a potential invasion. Tom Shaw, who is with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association, admits that the Hornets could be horrific. He hopes that the climate will not be suitable or satisfactory for the bees.

The Big Risk

The truth of the matter is that the Asian honey bee isn’t any more dangerous to humans than other types of bees. Nevertheless, they pose a high risk to the native honey bee colonies. They could potentially wipe them out at some point in the future. This is why federal agencies need to keep their population under control.

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