Does Eating Local Honey For Hay Fever Help?


The winter is gone and summer is already here. Usually most individuals would see this as a cause for celebration. That might not be the case for some. Unfortunately, along with the warm weather usually comes allergies and hay fever. If you have severe allergies and suffer from hay fever you already know what a hassle it can be just to step outside. It almost makes you want to stay inside and just avoid the warm weather altogether. Sure, you can run down to the local pharmacy and invest in allergy pills. Who wants to really take all that harmful stuff? If you are looking for a more natural solution you should consider locally produced honey.

What Is Hay Fever?

The technical name for hay fever is allergic rhinitis. It is an extremely common condition that impacts millions of individuals every year. The symptoms can be extremely troubling and they are similar to that of a cold. An individual that suffers from hay fever will constantly find himself sneezing with congestion. He or she will also have a runny nose with lots of sinus pressure. When most people hear the name hay fever they think it means an allergic reaction to hay. That is not the case. Hay fever is an allergic response to certain airborne substances. Pollen is one of those substances. Unfortunately, this is one of the fifth most common diseases in the Untied States, but it looks like locally produced honey might just be the solution that individuals are seeking 

Is Honey Really The Cure?

It is probably no surprise that honey is an extremely great tasting substance that makes a great addition to hot drinks, breakfast foods, and even fish. However, did you really know all the health benefits that it can provide you with? Some individuals are even saying that it has the ability to cure hay fever. Is this true or is it just a myth? Well, to truly understand the answer to that question you have to breakdown the immunotherapy process.

What Is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that is widely used for individuals that suffer from serve and persistent allergies when other medications have completely failed. Although this type of treatment is always the last resort, the concept behind it does hold some water in the medical field. The treatment basically involves exposing yourself to substances that you are allergic to in small amounts. The hopes of this treatment are that your body will eventually build up immunity to these substances. In the case of hay fever, it would be the pollen that you would have to expose yourself to. Sometimes this type of treatment can involve taking tablets or receiving a shot from a doctor for a period of three years of more. So, what does this have to do with local honey and hay fever?

Locally Produced Honey

Well, honey that is produced and grown during the spring and summer seasons is probably going to contain trace amounts of pollen. So, the belief is that eating small amounts of it on a daily basis is going to have the same effect as immunotherapy. Eating these small amounts on a regular basis might help you build up enough of a tolerance that your body will eventually grow immune to pollen. That being said, the honey that you purchase at the local supermarket likely won’t contain the pollen that you are seeking. 

You are going to need locally produced honey that was actually grown where it would have been exposed to pollen. Supermarket honey is usually produced in specialized labs or environments where it is likely not exposed to the outdoor elements. So, be sure to always seek out locally produced honey if you are trying to treat hay fever symptoms.

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