Can Bees Sting Through A Bee Suit?


Are you contemplating becoming a beekeeper, but are concerned about stings? If so, you are not alone. There are some individuals with bee sting allergies who would love to be a beekeeper. However, the seriousness of these allergies is holding them back. While there are lots of safety gear designed to prevent bee stings, it is only normal to question their effectiveness. With that said, you are probably still wondering if bees can sting through bee suits and other safety gear. Below, you will discover the answer to this question and so much more.

What Are Bee Suits Constructed From?


It goes without saying that bee suits have improved over time. However, some of the new features have shown to pose some risk for bee stings. For example, some bee suits are now designed to offer better ventilation. While this design does help keep the beekeeper cooler, it may also provide bees access to the beekeeper’s skin.
Depending on the design and quality of the bee suit, it is possible to prevent bee stings. However, there is no way that manufacturers can guarantee 100 percent effectiveness of their products. So, before you actually decide to become a beekeeper, it is important to be aware of the fact that no suit is 100 percent effective. If you are allergic to bee stings, it may be best to consider another hobby.

Inspect The Suit Regularly

Regardless of the type of bee suit you invest in, it will become damaged over time. With normal wear and frequent bee stings, the material will begin to fail. Just like any type of safety gear, bee suits will be rendered useless at some point in time. In the meantime, it is up to you to protect yourself from bee stings. One way to do this is with routine inspections. This process involves inspecting the suit along the seams, where rips are very common. Also look for holes and worn material.
If any damage is detected, it will be time to find a replacement. This is also the perfect time to inspect your veil and gloves as well. Routine inspections will help reduce your risk of being stung by a honeybee.

Loose- Or Tight-Fighting Suits?

When you see professional beekeepers, you most often see them wearing loose-fitting bee suits. Now, you are probably wondering why they choose to wear suits that do not fit properly. Well, the answer is fairly simple. Experts believe that loose-fitting bee suits are more effective in preventing bee stings. Even if the bees sting, their stingers will not be gain access to the beekeeper’s skin.
Tight-fitting bee suits, on the other hand, do not leave much room between the material and beekeeper’s skin. When you invest in your first bee suit, be sure to choose a larger size than you normally wear.

Quality Of Material

Bee suits are designed from an array of materials. Some of these materials are thin, while others are thick. The thin material provides adequate ventilation, but it leaves the beekeeper vulnerable to bee stings. Heavy cotton canvas will always be more effective than mesh.

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