Best Bee Hives, Stands and Starter Kits For Sale 2019


There has never been a better time to get into the art of beekeeping. There is a lot of reward and excitement that comes along with the art. The only problem is that getting into the world of beekeeping isn’t just a weekend endeavor. For the beginner, it would take an incredible amount of dedication and research. And, building your hive might require the tools and expertise that you don’t possess. You could easily waste a lot of time and money when you could just as easily buy one.

This not only will save you time, but it will remove all the guesswork and include everything that you need to get started right away. Now, you know that the first place you need to start is with the hive, but where do you go from there and how do you choose a hive if you can’t build one? This easy beekeeping guide will review some of the most popular and beneficial bee hives for sale. These beehives kits will include essential features that are necessary for the success of your endeavor.

Best 6 Bee Hive Reviews

1) Mann Lake Bee Hive Kit



The Mann Lake Company based in the United States has been serving the beekeeping community for over thirty years now. Over the long years, they have become to be known for quality and innovation. It is safe to say that those qualities shine through in the Mann Lake Bee Hive Kit. The kits come fully equipped with one painted ten frame that measures 9- 5/8 inches and ten 9- 1/8 wood frames with a yellow waxed RiteCell foundation. 

Ability To Add Additional Hive Bodies

One of the unique things about this kit is that it gives you the ability to add a second deep hive body. Once the bees have eaten out most of the foundation, you can quickly add a second deep hive body. This second hive can measure 22 inches in length by 18 – ½ inches in width by 13–1/7 inch in height. This gives you the ability to keep your colonization growing and growing.

Nutritional Value Above All Else

The Mann Company takes pride in their work and everything that they do. Not only are their products built and constructed with the utmost integrity, but also their bees are raised in the very best manner possible. During the rearing process, the bees only are feed with the best nutrients available. This ensures that you get a healthy and hearty hive that will be ready to produce quality, honey.


  • The Mann Lake Company has been designing and creating beekeeping equipment for the past thirty years in the United States of America
  • The company takes extreme pride in their products and bees. This shines through in the fact that they only provide their bees with the best nutrition possible.
  • This impressive kit also gives you the ability to add another deep hive once the foundation is gone.


  • The only bad thing that you could say about this kit is that it is only a starter. Once your colony begins to grow, you are probably going to have to invest in another box.
  • Unfortunately, this box will just house a three-pound package.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to beehive boxes for sale, you really
can’t beat the Mann Lake Bee Hive as a starter kit.
 It includes all the essential features that the average beekeeper would need.

2) Flow Hive



If you have ever looked for flow hives for sale, you have probably noticed that they offer some of the most technologically advanced and innovative hives available on the market. This Classic Araucaria 6 Frame Beehive is no different, as it comes equipped with a base screened bottom board, roof, inner cover, and queen excluder. When you look at the care and precision that went into the creation of this product, it is easy to fall in love right away. Just head over to flow hive amazon, and you will see for yourself.

Equipped With Flow Frame Technology

Beekeeping and harvesting honey can be quite a labor-intensive project. You are going to put in a lot of hours and hard work raising those bees and extracting that honey. However, the technology infused in this hive has taken all the hard work out of the process and made everything all around more convenient. With the flow frame technology, all you have to do is just turn the flow key, and the honey will extract itself. All you have to do is place your jar under the drain tube and watch it fill with pure honey. This brings new meaning to the term automatic beehive.

Constructed With Araucaria Wood

Another feature that makes this hive stand out amongst its competitors is the fact that it is constructed with Araucaria wood. Also known as Hoop Pine, this wood is well known for its stability and durability. Coated with two coats of weatherproof sealant in combination with the durability properties of this wood, you can rest assured that this hive will be able to stand up to the harsh outdoor elements. When you combine this with the precision laser manufacturing, you are looking at one unique and innovative hive.


  • Coated with two coats of super waterproof sealant and constructed with Araucaria wood, you can rest assured that the elements of the weather won’t be able to touch this hive.
  • The laser precision manufacturing and BPS-free plastic make this beehive a one of a kind that is capable of extracting safe, natural honey. 
  • The flow key technology takes all the hard work out of extracting honey, as all you have to do is turn a lever to extract your honey.


  • There isn’t a whole lot you can say that is bad about this hive. The only downside probably has to be the price and the fact that you have to assemble the product, which will entirely be worth the splurge and extra work in the end.

Final Thoughts

Building a hive from scratch is never an easy task, but with the precision manufacturing and unique construction, the Flow Hive takes all the guesswork out of constructing a hive. You might have to assemble the hive, but the process is more straightforward than you might imagine. When you combine this with the easy flow beehive technology, you are genuinely looking at one magnificent product.

3) Happybuy Langstroth Beehive


Constructed of high-quality materials that are incredibly durable and stylish, the Happybuy Langstroth Beehive stands out in a crowd. If you look at everything that this hive has to offer, you will quickly see why this is probably the best Langstroth hive for sale. All the metal tiles of the roof are pre-assembled from the factory, so you never have to worry about outside elements affecting your colonization.

20 Frame 2 Deep And 2 Medium Complete Kit

As a beginner, you probably don’t want to invest a lot of money in a hive, grow it, and then later find out that you are going to have to spend more. Well, as a hive grows you are going to have to invest money. However, as a 20 frame 2 deep and 2-medium kit this hive give you ample space so that you can practice and grow before making another significant investment.

Easy To Remove Honeycombs

Have you ever tried to extract a honeycomb from a hive? If not, you might not know that this is one of the hardest and intense parts of the whole process. This is where all the honey is going to be stored and if you drop the comb or it breaks in your hands you have pretty much lost all your months of work. With lesser hives, it might be hard to remove the combs from the box, but that is not the case with the Happybuy Langstroth Beehive. This hive was explicitly designed so that users can easily extract honeycombs from the hive.

The hive is also designed to prevent the bees from touching the hives or the hive walls, which makes the process so much safer and more comfortable.

High Grade Material

Beehives take a lot of abuse and are exposed to tons of undesirable weather conditions. Unfortunately, these elements can play a negative role on a beehive over time. Wood begins to warp, and other components break down. And, that is why the Happybuy Langstroth Beehive is constructed with high-quality white pine. The wood is not only stylish and beautiful, but it offers the protection that your hive will need in a variety of weather conditions.


  • This deep and sturdy hive is beautifully and durably constructed with everything that you need to get your beekeeping project started.
  • The white pine ensures durability in a variety of weather conditions. 
  • The ample size of the hive gives you plenty of time to practice and learn before you have to invest in another box. 
  • Honeycombs have never been easier or safer to extract thanks to the unique design of this hive.


  • The assembly process might take around four hours or more, and the white pine should probably be coated with a sealant. 

Final Thoughts

Other than the one con, it should be easy to see why the
Happybuy Langstroth Beehive is one of the number one go-to choices for beekeepers around the world.

4) Little Giant Farm


If you are looking to delve into the world of beekeeping quickly and cheaply, look no further than the Little Giant Farm. This might not be the biggest or most wild hive on the market, but it includes everything that you need to get started with your endeavor right away. It is lightweight, which makes it extremely easy to transport from location to location. However, do not let the lightweight design, small stature, and low price of this hive turn you off, because this hive without a doubt is worth the investment and includes features that cannot be matched.

Pre-assembled For Easy Setup

No one wants to spend hours on top of hours assembling his or her hive. If this was something that you wanted to do you probably would have just built your own hive in the first place. And, this is not to even mention all the things that could go wrong. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend one second assembling this hive because it comes pre-assembled. This takes all the hard work and guesswork out of the installation.

Milled With Precision

The Little Giant Farm is not just a beehive that was thrown together in a matter of minutes. A lot of hard work, time, and precision work went into the design and creation of this box. While the pine is unfinished, it was all milled with precision. You will see that every piece was milled to fit together perfectly. This provides a watertight, leak-free seal that you need to house your bees safely. The milled precision also provides the box with the maximum strength.

Multiple Uses

Perhaps one of the best things about the Little Giant Farm is its versatility. This unique and innovative little box can either be utilized as a brood box or a honey super. This is something that you cannot say with a lot of hives. Most can only be used as either or.


  • With the versatility to be used as a brood box or honey super combined with the milled precision, this hive is without a doubt one of the best and most affordable on the market
  • Not only does the milled precision wood provide the strength that you need, but also it makes for a watertight seal. 
  • No tools or thought will be required for the box because it comes pre-assembled.


  • While this box sounds great, it does come with some downsides. First, it might need to be adequately sealed with waterproof paint if it is going to be stored outdoors.
  • The small size might mean that your colony will outgrow it rather quickly.

Final Thoughts

The Little Giant Farm might appear small in size and cheap in price,
but when you look at everything that it has to offer, you can easily see why this hive is worth the money.

5) Ware Beehive


When it comes to a beehive that is easy to set up, easy to use, durable, and convenient, you probably won’t find much that can match this Warre Beehive. As far as Warre hives go, they are all good, but this one stands out for its unique and beautiful construction. And, this is not to even mention all the other features that it offers. It comes equipped with ventilation controls that allow any beekeeper to easily and quickly adjust airflow, so they can ensure that their colony is at its most productive at all times.

Peaked Roof Design

Weather and rain is always something that affects every hive. Unfortunately, hives that are designed with lesser construction methods won’t hold up under extreme weather conditions. You will quickly discover that is not the case with this Warre Beehive. If you look for any Warre hive for sale, you will see that this is the case with most of their hives and products. However, this hive, in particular, stands out because it was designed with a peaked roof. The peaked roof ensures that water doesn’t just stand and build on the roof. It rolls off. That can preserve the materials and provide a long-lasting hive.

Solid Cedar Construction

You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to know that cedar is one of the most beautiful and durable materials in the world. That is why the manufacturers of this hive decided to construct this model out of this very material. Not only does the cedar provide a one of a kind look, but also it provides the durability and stability that you need in uncertain weather conditions. Lesser wood can warp, rot, and bow, but that will not be the case with cedar.

Two Windows

Probably one of the unique things about this impressive hive is that it comes equipped with two windows. These beautifully crafted windows are leak free and allow you to easily look in on the progress of your colony. Instead of opening the hatch and taking a chance of losing or harming your bees, you can take a peak in the windows. With two windows, you should have a complete 360-degree view of everything going on inside the hive.

Producing Honey Naturally

Bees are all around happier and more productive when they are creating honey in a natural environment. It also makes the process less labor intensive for them. this will increase their overall lifespan. And, that is one of the features that make the Warre Beehive stand out. It was specifically designed to give off the impression that the bees are in their natural habitat.


  • With the ability to produce honey naturally, this hive is going to allow your colony to provide more money and live happier longer lives.
  • The beautiful cedar construction in combination with the peaked roof is going to ensure that you get the most out of this hive.
  • Uncertain weather conditions won’t be a problem with this hive. Two leak-free windows give you an unobstructed view of your bees at all times. 
  • Ventilation controls allow the beginner or expert to easily and quickly make the necessary ventilation adjustments.


  • While there isn’t much wrong to say about this hive, it does come with one major downfall. The hive comes completely disassembled, including the roof. This means it might take some skill and knowledge to ensure that this hive is assembled correctly and leak free.

Final Thoughts

Although you might spend quite a bit of time on the assembly process, this hive will be worth the extra work. Its natural habitat and ventilation controls will prove extremely fruitful in the end.

6) Lang Wooden Bee House


The Lang auto beehive is an excellent choice for any beginner. Heck, they are an excellent choice for an expert, as they take all the intensive labor and guesswork out of extracting honey. The only problem is that most of the hives are extremely expensive. This puts them out of the reach of the ordinary keeper. Well, that is about to change with the Land Wooden Bee House completely. Not only is this different hive extremely affordable, but also it is automatic and comes equipped with some of the most essential and best features that would benefit any beekeeper of any skill level.

It Does It All 

The best thing about this hive is that it does all the work for you. It houses your bees safely, promotes them to pollinate, and once the combs are produced it will even extract the honey. With the simple turn of a lever, you can extract your filtered, pure honey. This eliminates the need to run out and purchase an additional extractor.

Extremely Light Weight

Most beehives can be extremely heavy, which makes them hard to transport and put on a stand. Fortunately, that isn’t the case at all with the Lang Beehive. This all-wood hive only weighs in at almost twenty pounds, which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to move around. However, don’t be food by the lightweight design, because this hive was constructed and designed to withstand the test of time.

Clear Plastic Viewing Ports

Viewing your combs from time to time will be essential to know when you can begin the extraction process. With most hives, you usually have to remove a box, pull the combs out, and visually inspect them. This makes the whole process quite the ordeal. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Lang Beehive. The process has been completely simplified. All you have to do is open a door, and you will be granted access to transparent, plastic viewing ports that will display your combs, so you will always know when they are ready for extraction.


  • Secure viewing ports, convenient extraction, and lightweight design give this hive everything that the beginner needs.
  •  When you combine these features with the beautiful and durable wood construction, you are genuinely looking at one auto beehive that is convenient and affordable.
  • List Element


  • Although this is a perfect auto hive, it does make the assembly process a bit more difficult. Along with this, the instructions aren’t very informative, and the parts aren’t marked, so you might need extensive knowledge of hives to complete the assembly process.

Final Thoughts

If you can get past the problematic assembly, the Lang Beehive will take all of the intensive work and labor out of beekeeping and honey extraction.

Choose Your Beehive Starter Kit

By now you already know that beekeeping is extremely difficult and complicated. This is why most beginners go with what is known as a starter kit. A good starter kit will include everything that you need to get started in your beekeeping endeavor. Even if you have little to no knowledge of the process of beekeeping a starter kit will provide everything that you need to get started.

Any good starter kit should include the essentials like a hive tool, a veil, and a bee smoker. However, the most critical component that should be considered is the beehive. A ten-frame hive with extracting equipment is essential for any beginner, but a blower can come in handy as well. The fan will force the bees off the frames and down to the floor where they will pollinate.

Beehive Type

Beehives are available in a variety of designs, including the top-bar, Langstroth, and Warre. All of these beehives offer advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial to learn these before investing to ensure satisfactory results.

The top-par beehive is extremely popular, as it is classified as the most “natural” way to raise honey bees. As one of the simplest African designs, the top-bar has a bar-cut frame that is situated across the entire honeycomb and hive foundations. Since the top-bar design is so simple, it is also the most affordable, which is why it is so popular. Offering the easiest honey extraction capabilities of all the beehive designs, the top-par is very lightweight, even more so than the Langstroth beehives. It allows even the most skilled beekeepers to extract the beeswax and honey simultaneously, which is not an option with some of the other designs. 

While the top-par is not as popular in cold climates, people living in humid subtropical climates find them suitable for their needs and preferences. So, if you live in the most southeastern part of the United States, you may not see this beehive design ideal for your needs, but if you live in Florida, it may be very suitable.

The Langstroth beehive is more suitable for commercial beekeepers. This particular beehive consists of a specific number of boxes that are stacked on top of each other. Its many boxes and frames make it ideal for commercial purposes. However, they can weigh up to 40 pounds, which require several people to transport to their final location.

The Warre beehive consists of bar frames that support the honeycomb. This particular type of hive can easily be stacked to accommodate a large number of bees. It is suitable for cold climates, which is why it is so popular. The main downside to Warre beehives is they are extremely heavy, which prevents them from being moved from one location to another. It may also be difficult to find replacement parts for Warre beehives.

Best 4 Bee Starter Kit Reviews

1) Mann Lake Starter Kit



The Mann Lake Starter Kit is assembled right in the United States and pretty much includes everything that you need to get started. The whole ensemble comes completely pre-assembled, so all you have to do is add your bees.  This eliminates all the guesswork that would typically come with building your own hive.

Safety Devices

Safety is essential when it comes to beekeeping. And, that is why this kit includes all the necessary safety equipment. Upon your initial purchase, you will receive a giant pair of gloves, a bee veil, a smoker guard, a hive tool, and a complete how-to guidebook.


  • This kit indeed includes everything you need to get started from the safety gear to the guidebook on how to use it.


  • The only downside to this starter kit is that it might not produce the results you desire and can be easily outgrown once the colony starts to grow.

Final Thoughts

Mann Lake are a reputable brand and have built up a solid reputation, When purchasing this you can sleep safely at night knowing that you given your money to a genuine company and gotten a high a recieved product in return.

2) BuildaBeehive Starter Kit


If you are a beginner looking for the easiest possible way to start your very own hive, look no further than the BuildaBeehive Starter Kit. It not only includes all the necessary equipment that you need to get started with your beekeeping endeavor, but it is constructed of high-quality wood that ensures durability in a variety of weather conditions.

Nothing To Lose

The creators of the BuildaBeehive Starter Kit are so confident that you will fall in love with their product that they are willing to offer their customers a full replacement warranty. If you experience any dissatisfactions or malfunctions with this product, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer, and they will rectify the situation. They will either repair the product or refund your money completely.


  • The full replacement warranty ensures that every customer is getting his or her money’s worth. 
  • The kit is not only built to withstand a variety of weather conditions, but it includes everything that anyone would need to get started cultivating bees.


  • Smoker pellets are essential when it comes to calming down your hive. Unfortunately, the pellets included with this device are hard to ignite and might not produce the smoke that one needs.

Final Thoughts

With the full replacement warranty, you or any other beekeeper can’t go wrong with the BuildaBeehive Starter Kit. If there is anything that you don’t like, you can get a money back refund.

3) Unknown Bee Hive Starter Kit


Whether you are a pro or beginner, this Unknown Bee Hive Starter Kit offers the easiest and quickest way to start your very own hives. Within this kit, you will get everything that you need but the bees.

Money Back Guarantee

There aren’t many products that you get money back guarantee with, but that is what you get when you invest in the Unknown Bee Hive Starter Kit. At any point, if you have any doubts with the product, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer, and they will refund your money.


  • You not only get everything you need to get started growing your colony of bees with this product, but it comes back with a money back guarantee.


  • While this product does come with a beginner’s guide booklet, it doesn’t come with any instructions. The assembly instructions are just too limited for the average individual.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start a quick and easy hive, look no further than the Unknown Bee Hive Starter Kit.

4) Honestbee Hives


The Honestbee Hives is the essential starter kit, as it includes all the three pieces that anyone needs to start their beekeeping endeavor. First off, the bee smoker produces just the right amount of smoke to ensure that your bees are behaving appropriately without needing to refuel. This comes in extremely handy when it comes to controlling armory and angry bees.

Bee Brush

When you invest in this kit, you also get a quality bee brush that is equipped with a wooden handle and soft bristles. This allows you to quickly sweep bees out of the way when you are checking your hive or withdrawing honey. The essential beehive tool will enable you to scrape the excess wax from the combs to ensure that you are collecting the most honey possible.


  • Collect the most amount of honey in the most affordable manner possible with The Honestbee Hives. This hive not only includes the three essential pieces that you need to get starting colonizing, but it could be the very best for all skill levels.


  • The only bad thing about this product is that it was designed for complete beginners. It can quickly be outdated and outgrown once your colony grows.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to quickly inject yourself into the beekeeping world,
you will not find a more affordable or convenient way than by investing in The Honestbee Hives.

Best Bee Hive Stands


Now, you need to equip yourself with a good bee hive stand. Just remember that your options are plentiful. You need to make sure that your stand is durable, sturdy and capable of holding the weight. Below, you’re going to learn more about some of the best stands on the market.

Best 3 Bee Stand Reviews

1) Mann Lake Hive Stand


When it comes to hive stands, you will probably not find anything as aesthetically appealing and beneficial as the Mann Lake. This beautiful and well-built stand is constructed with the highest-grade materials and is designed to stand up in the roughest of conditions. It includes all the necessary features that one would expect to find in a stand, plus more.


One of the most impressive things about this stand is that it is adjustable. It works with hives that have a ten or eight frame bottom. Along with this, the stand is extremely easy to adjust. It only takes a few seconds to adjust an eight frame to a ten frame.

The Right Rise

Not only does the right stand need to be able to support the entire weight of your hive, but also it needs to raise the hive the appropriate distance from the ground. This not only mimics the natural environment of the bee, but it keeps them safe from grounded critters and rodents. The Mann Lake hive has just the perfect amount of rising, as it can lift your hive 6 and a half inches off of the ground.

Easy Assembly

You probably spent hours assembling your hive, so the last thing you want to do is spend even more time assembling your stand. The Mann Lake is well built and can be constructed within a matter of minutes. The assembly process is pretty much self-explanatory, and the package includes everything that you need. There is no drilling or guesswork. Everything is laid out for you.


  • With an easy assembly and detailed instructions, you can have the Mann Lake Stand assembled and ready to go in just a matter of minutes. 
  • It rises sufficiently off the ground to protect your bees and provide the natural environment that they need to increase their production levels. 
  • The adjustable frame gives you the ability to adapt the stand to an eight-frame or ten-frame hive. 


  • The only bad thing about this stand is that it comes with flat washers instead of lock washers. The stand needs to be tightened down to provide the desired durability and stability. Flat washers bend under pressure.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to run out to the hardware store and acquire a few flat washers,
 this will be the perfect stand for your eight-frame or ten-frame hive.

2) Harvest Lane Honey Stand


The Harvest Lane Honey Stand might be a plastic stand with minimal looks, but it was built to last. When it comes to assembly and convenience, you will probably not find a more accommodating stand available on the market today. There are minimal tools or work involved with the construction. The four sides slide and lock together.

Distribute Weight Evenly

When you invest in any hive, weight distribution is significant. Too much weight distributed on the right or left at any given time might result in a tip over. This is precisely why the Harvest Lane Honey Stand comes with metals rests. Two metal stands on the left and right help to distribute the weight. Even during windy conditions, you can rest assured that you stand will remain sturdy.

Plastic Construction

If you ask anyone to compare plastic to metal, they are going to say that metal is more durable. This might be because most people think that heft means durability. Well, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to outdoor use plastic might thrive. It is not only a rust-resistant material, but it is exceptionally durable. This is probably why most trashcans are constructed of plastic and rubber. Along with this, it is incredibly lightweight, which makes it easy to transport.


  • The plastic construction not only offers quick and easy transportation options, but it won’t rust under the most extreme weather conditions. 
  • The two metal rods ensure that weight is always evenly distributed, so your hive stands strong and sturdy during all weather conditions.


  • Unfortunately, plastic isn’t the best-looking material out there. This might hurt the overall look of your stand.
  • The stand also doesn’t come with flat bottom feet, which means it might sink into the ground if you are placing it in a moist environment. This will not only reduce the height on the stand, but it could potentially expose your bees to ground threats.

Final Thoughts

If you are too not worried about looks and prepared to do some DIY height improvements, this stand can be an affordable option. 

3) Bee Smart Designs Stand


The Bee Smart Designs Stand was specifically designed for ten frame hives, and it is constructed of extremely durable plastic. Plastic might not seem like the go-to material when it comes to a stand for your hive, but plastic is exceptionally resilient to weather and won’t rust over time. Sure, it is not the most appealing, but it might just provide the properties that you desire in a beehive stand.

Constructed From Recycled Materials

Pollution and waste are at an all-time high in the world. This will eventually lead to the downfall of the planet. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of this fact. Even the manufacturers of the Bee Smart Designs Stand are aware of these facts, and that is why their stands are only constructed of recycled materials. When you invest in this stand, you can rest assured that you are contributing to the environment.

Extra Wide Legs

One of the things that sets the Bee Smart Designs Stand apart from other plastic stands is that it comes equipped with extra wide legs. Skinner and lesser legs would sink in most soil conditions. With the extra wide legs that is something that you don’t have to worry about here. The wide legs will not only hold the weight of your hive, but they will not sink down into damp soil.


  • The extra wide legs ensure a stable and sturdy environment in all soil conditions.
  • The two metal rods ensure that weight is always evenly distributed, so your hive stands strong and sturdy during all weather conditions.
  • The techno-polymer plastic construction ensures that the stand won’t rust under the most intense weather conditions.
  • When you combine these factors with the easy to assemble the stand, you are genuinely looking at one convenient plastic stand that is worth the investment.


  • The only bad things that you can say about this stand are that it isn’t attractive as the metal stand and it was only designed for a ten-frame hive.

Final Thoughts

If you have a ten-frame hive and are not worried about appearance,
the Bee Smart Designs Stand should without a doubt be your go-to stand.

Bee Smoker's

Now that you can house all your bee's in a tremendous high-quality beehive, you should start thinking about the future when your harvest will be ready. When that time comes, you will want to be able to take out your frames with getting stung by hundreds of angry bee's, and you can do that by getting a smoker for your beehive. Just make sure you pick a good one and don't forget to purchase some fuel.